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Hamlin Boy's Axe

Victor Axe

Hamlin Boy's Axe

$ 155.00

This 28" fawn footed boy's axe is the collective effort between Victor and Council Tool. It's finished with only light coats of pure Linseed Oil to condition the wood handle. What results is what you've come to expect from Victor - a classically designed, covetable tool that will live on. 


  • Pure Linseed Oil conditioned handle
  • Hand honed and polished cutting edge
  • Hand crafted leather sheath with Antique Brass hardware made by Ed Tucker Custom Leather


  • Head Type: 2.5 lbs Dayton pattern
  • Head Material: 5160 grade alloy steel
  • Shaping Process: Drop forged
  • Bit (Edge): Tempered to final hardness of Rc 52-56 within 1" from cutting edge
  • Handle Material: American Hickory; Grade A 
  • Hang: Wood wedge with juxtaposed steel wedge
  • Overall Weight: 3.5 lbs. 
  • Sheath Material: 100% top grade leather, Antique Brass hardware

Each Victor Axe axe is created with American hickory wood and can vary in color from all light, all dark, or a combination. If you would like to view all the axes in stock to choose the handle of your preference, please send a email to

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