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Tilley Endurables T4M0-1 Hiker's Hat


Tilley Endurables T4M0-1 Hiker's Hat

$ 100.00

In 1984, Alex Tilley a keen yachtsman and art dealer decided to make himself a hat that would stand up to the harshest of weather conditions. The hat would also have to offer water and wind resistance, a chin strap, floating capabilities, a classic appearance and above all top quality workmanship. Once the main features were established he began searching for materials to meet his requirements. He centered his research around cotton canvas, a practical and durable material which has many natural advantages. However after manufacturing the initial prototype it was soon apparent the material was too thick, heavy and shrunk when it got wet. After considerable research and experiments Tilley realized by preshrinking and boiling the canvas it would eliminate the shrinking issue. Preshrunk cotton canvas became the first of many materials to be used to manufacture Tilley Hats.

Tilley hats include:


  • Guaranteed for Life
  • HyperKewl® evaporative cooling insert
  • Ties on
  • Back hook on brim to clip to backpack
  • 3/4" AIRFLO® mesh to assist evaporative properties of cooling insert
  • Certified UPF 50+


  • Front & back 3 1/2"; sides 2 1/2"


  • Hat - 98% organic cotton, 2% spandex
  • HyperKewl® Insert - Exterior 100% polyester
  • Interior - 53% polymer fibres; 47% cellulose fibres

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